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Hello! My name is Giovanna Noble but my friends and family call me Gigi. I am from Toronto, Ontario and I am in my final year at McGill University. I completed my secondary education at The York School, graduating with my International Baccalaureate Diploma and Ontario Secondary School Diploma. I will be completing my Bachelor of Education in Kindergarten/Elementary this June. Some of my interests include travelling, visual arts, and of course teaching!

 Who am I? 

Grade 12 graduation (June, 2019)

 Why Education?  


In grade 11, I participated in a service trip to Tamil Nadu, India. For three weeks, I volunteered at a school that provides education opportunities to children from low-income families. This trip sparked my love for teaching and working with children - inspiring me to pursue a degree in education. Not only did the children learn from me, but I believe I learned from them. Their aspirations and dedication fuelled my love for teaching and the four years of my studies. I love the fact that I am able to provide and foster the necessary foundations, not only for their educational career but for life.

 My future goals:

In the future, I will continue to develop and sharpen my skills in the creative arts to integrate my art knowledge into my classroom. I would also like to teach abroad in several different countries. I want to learn about different education perspectives, strategies, approaches, and curriculums around the world. Eventually, I would like to return to Tamil Nadu to teach at the school where I initially found my passion for teaching. 

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Grade 11 service trip (March, 2018)

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B.Ed graduation (June, 2023)

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